What is Russian Lip Filler? The Secret to Russian Lips

What is Russian Lip Filler? The Secret to Russian Lips

In recent years, social media has greatly influenced our beauty standards. From skin whitening treatments to facelifts, cosmetic procedures for aesthetic appeal have become extremely popular.  

Following this aesthetic trend, a new lip augmentation technique known as Russian Lips has surged recently. 

The Russian lip fillers are best for people who are looking for a subtle yet impactful change. However, before jumping to surgery, first understand what is Russian lip filler, how it works, and how it differs from traditional lip injections.

What are Russian Lips?

“Russian Lip” is a fashionable aesthetic cosmetic trend that aims to reshape and augment lips. This technique uses special fillers to make the lips extra soft and plum. Their shape is often characterized by a subtle curve, hinting at a hidden smile. Whether graced with beautiful lip colors or left bare, they depict confidence and poise.

The popularity of Russian lips arises from the trending plump lips with a pouty appearance. They are similar to some Russian models or celebrities, hence become popular. Many find them appealing because they somewhat enhance facial symmetry, boost confidence, and offer a youthful appearance. It is like giving your lips a subtle upgrade while adding a touch of allure and sophistication.  

How do Russian Lips Look?

Russian lip technique creates a defined border between the lips and the surrounding skin. The final look of the fillers gives your lips a subtle and cute heart-shaped pout. This technique creates more central volume-based lips, giving you a Russian doll-like appearance.

Russian Lip Filler Technique vs Traditional Injection

Lip fillers have been trending for quite some time.

Traditionally, many methods of lip filling were being used for lip augmentation. All of them use an out-to-inward approach, starting from the vermillion border of the lips to the main body. However, all traditional methods have their limitations. With Russian fillers, lip augmentation has become a total game-changer.

Old methods use horizontal techniques to increase overall lip size and prominence. On the contrary, the Russian lip filler is improving the overall configuration. Some of the differences between traditional and Russian lip fillers include:

Russian Lip Fillers Traditional Injections
●Uses vertical lip-filling techniques
●Has an inward-to-outward approach
●Cupid’s bow area of the upper lip and the center of the lower lip are the targeted areas
●Russian fillers evert the lip, making them fuller, pinkish, contoured, and natural

Traditional Injections

●Uses horizontal lip-filling technique
●Have outward-to-inward approach
●Targeted areas include the main lip body and lip border
●Traditional methods need to be injected evenly to increase lip size and shape

What is Russian Lip Filler, and How Does Dermal Filler Work?

Therefore, what is Russian lip filler? In simpler words, it is a cosmetic procedure that defines and shapes lip contours.

Many natural and remedial causes, such as aging, environmental factors, or nutritional deficiencies often cause our lips to weaken in volume over time.

Artificial lip procedures like fillers and injections are used to counter this problem. They are commonly used in cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate the face, including the lips. So, what is Russian Lip filler doing here? They use these gels to shape your lips in the perfect rounded contour, getting rid of all irregularities

The base of this technique involves using a dermal filler that shapes the contour of the lips in the desired shape. Dermal fillers for lips are gel-like substances injected beneath the skin’s surface. These dermal fillers work in the following mechanisms

1.Adding Volume to the Lips: The fillers are volume-based gels injected into the epidermal layers of the skin. This gel takes up the extra layers of the skin, providing them with hydration and adding volume to your lips.
2.Smoothing out Wrinkles: When the gel is injected into the underlayers of your lips, the worn-out skin tissues experience turgor pressure. This pressure acts in an inward-to-outward force that smooths out your wrinkles.
3.Enhancing Facial and Lip Contours: Last but not least, Russian lip fillers also enhance your overall facial and lip contour. These precise dermal injections create a fuller, more symmetrical appearance, balancing facial features and improving overall harmony.

To enhance your outcomes, you can pair this technique with other procedures like chin fillers, cheek fillers, lip lifts, and Botox. Hence, what is Russian lip filler’s popularity? They can achieve a striking and defined lip shape. It, in turn, adds to your facial features, providing a youthful and more appealing facial aesthetic.

Traditional lip filler injections use hyaluronic acid or collagen fillers. However, Russian lip injections typically involve a softer, more malleable filler. The popular options include lidocaine-based Neuramis and Revolax by MJS dermal filler suppliers.

How Long Does Dermal Filler Last?

There is no definite proven timespan for the durability of dermal fillers. However, various factors predict their duration. These include patients’ skin characteristics, the filler’s expected outcome, and the implanted area.

The durability of the dermal filler also depends on what the Russian lip filler is being used. Commonly, the superficially implanted fillers last six months to one year, while deeper fillers can last about one year.

The popular dermal filler supplies Neuramis and Revolax by MJS often last between 8 to 12 months with a 24-month shelf life for storage periods.  

Final Thoughts

Dermal fillers have changed the modern trends of aesthetic cosmetic surgeries. They have paved the way to better and more appealing outcomes with minimum intervention.

As more individuals seeking confidence and beauty recognize Russian lip fillers’ natural effects, buying dermal fillers online from trusted companies like MJS Trading Limited for the best results will stand out in the beauty industry.

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