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The Description of Nabota Botox

  1. Using an appropriate syringe, draw non-preservedsterile saline (see dilution table below). 0.9% Sodium Chloride is the recommended diluent.
  2. Insert the needle and slowly inject the saline into the NABOTA Botox vial in which vacuum is present.
  3. Inject slowly and avoid forming bubbles
  4. Gently mix lyophilized NABOTA Botox until it is completely clear and no particles are visible.
  5. Record the date and time of reconstitution. The solution should be administered within 24 hours after reconstitution.
  6. Reconstituted products should be stored in a refrigerator (2~8℃).

What is Nabota Botox?

Starting from 1984. Daewoong Pharm created NABOTA - the first botox beauty medicine in Korea.  Based on 30 years of biotechnology experience and patented manufacturing techniques, NABOTA has been recognized by various customers. NABOTA is safe to use, with patent registration in 16 countries, such as the USA, Europe, Japan, Canada, and China. From 2014 to 2015, NABOTA launched Botox products with botulinum toxin Type A, including NABOTA 50 Units, NABOTA 100 Units, and NABOTA 200 Units. These Botox products are very popular in the beauty cosmetic market.

The Major Features of Nabota Botox

  1. Safety: Approved by USA IND(NABOTA 100U)
  2. High purity: Supported by a patent manufacturing process and 30 years of biotechnology experience
  3. Diversified dosages:  Convenient for doctors and patients

Why Choose Nabota BOTOX?

  1. High Purity
NABOTA Botox is a highly purified product manufactured with an effective purification process, which is registered by KR 10-1339349 Patent to prove high quality by international standards.
  1. Overseas Expansion
Excellent NABOTA Botox has exported to 90 countries including the United States and 28 European countries. NABOTA Botox is recognized by international markets.
  1.  AntibodyPrevention
If the immune system develops antibodies, Botox is not working on you. NABOTA Botox is a perfect product, as it does not produce antibodies for long-term use: All patients do not have new antibodies after 16 weeks with small doses of 20 units; All patients do not have new antibodies after 12 weeks with large doses of 360 units

Nabota Botulinum Toxin for Glabella Lines

Rapid improvement in glabella lines ---showing improvement effects in glabella lines after 2 days of Nabota Botox injection(Improvement rate: 85.37%)

Nabota Botox Injection Usages:

Using a sterile 30-gauge needle, inject a dose of 0.1 mL into each of the 5 injection sites: 2 injections in each corrugator muscle and 1 injection in the procerus muscle for a total dose of 20 Units.